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I loved the story, as well as the first one :) The characters in particular have just the right amount of being relatable (queer trans guy here so not exactly the same but still a lot in common), badass-ness and vulnerability, and that makes them positively adorable. And I liked the style of the art as well!

On a side note, there are error messages about images 'praça' and 'praçanoite' not found, and when the girls talk about the anime series that Fran likes there's a moment when the two character sprites are superposed on the right of the screen. But those are just minor bugs, and overall the game is excellent! Congrats!


Aww, thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! And, I'm also glad that you found it relatable. I'm planning to make a game with a trans guy as the protagonist, eventually. So I hope you also enjoy that!

And about the bug, it's been a struggle, but I'll fix that. Eventually!