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 A game about wanting more in life, longing, and dealing with the fact that your past is ever-present. Devyanosto one of the many Dolls made by the Sanctuary Empire to start an invasion on the planet of Habaniah is unhappy with her life even if it’s much better than it was before. There should be more to her days than to wait till the next battle, the next mission, to worry over her lover, a fellow Doll, Treze. Yet, she doesn’t know what to do, how can she change a life that has been made to be out of her control? Well, it seems that she’ll find out how very soon.  Happiness: An Affront to God is a game about a woman trying to take control of her own life, and a game about a couple deciding that they instead be together while everything burns around them.
Melancholic radio operators.
Romantic and adventurous gunslingers.
Lonely wanderers.
Leaders with nothing to fight for.
And one spiteful woman.
Everyone needs a little Happiness in their lives.

- A story 20000 words long.
- A cast of Dolls.
- Two sex scenes.
- The intricacies of not being interested in a planetary invasion.
- A conspiracy that led to the death of God and its believers and now aims for an Empire.
- A very goofy butch and a serious femme.

Editing of the game's script was done by Froey and Mapple. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Dystopian, Lesbian, NSFW, Robots, Sci-fi, Transgender, Yuri


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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com.tangledvirus.happiness.apk-release.apk 175 MB

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What an interesting game this was! It was so interesting how Treze and Devyan's story occurs on the periphery of a greater conflict. Parts of it feel cold, and I felt Devyan's sense of loneliness and helplessness so strongly (the lack of music and great use of atmospheric background noise really helped with this.) But there's more to it than that; Treze and Devyan have such a sweet, loving relationship, and that comes across so well in the writing, the sheer sense of warmth you can feel from the two of them together. Great work on this VN, I really enjoyed reading it!

By the way, that flickering/glitchy effect used on a certain character's text was really cool!


This game looks super cool!  Will there possibly be a build for Android?

Deleted 180 days ago
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Tomorrow, Septemper 1st, 5pm Brazil time. That's when you'll be able to download the Android version of the game.


Lovely, tysm!