This is a twine I made for Trans Gal Jam 3! Folow Arcabuz a yound walker driver as she has to: Army operations! Crime scenes! Restaunrats! Rich girlfriends places! All becuause her job is to hide and bury corpses... That's kinda of a bad job... She's not alone though! She has her demon buddy Coveira and her rich girlfriend Veronica at her side!

This might be weird!

About the content there are no descriptions of bodies and corpses so don't worry about that, there are however alot of negativity about being trans in a country famous for hatting trans people. You've been warned.


Burial Bureau

Development log


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very interesting and distinct personalities! i love the messages and world in there too!


Thank you that means alot! There'll be more stuff in the setting in the future focused mostly on Coveira and her daily life. It'll be done eventually!