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This is a amazing piece of work that manages to capture the feeling of being lost in the haze of living, moments, fleeting as they be are all meaningful in their own way. The anger, sadness, revulsion and what little joy there is sprinkled all around a snapshot of a life. The fear of being rejected, the worry of being replaced, the feeling, sometimes all-consuming that you are in the wrong space. This is truly wonderful work, thank you so much for a experience that is relatable, touching and terrifying, but still a reminder of the happiness, the tender loving kindness underneath it all

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Had to wrap my head around it for a few days. I definitely related to this in some parts and how it relates to my current relationship with my girlfriend right now. Really do appreciate the care put into the writing, but for also how relatable and real it feels. Well done. <3


OK, who is cutting the onions? Alright, but seriously, I'm crying. The ending was heartrending and beautifully written. This is the first game of yours that I've played, and now I want to play more... the ending... man, I felt that... the pain of why do you want me? The feeling of being no good... I've felt that a lot even though I'm thankfully at a better place in my life where sometimes even I love me... it's still a struggle and yeah, sometimes I fail... but thank you for managing to capture that feeling so beautifully.  Much like TheLastYuriSamurai said I could tell that this is something that came from a dark space... as someone who is trying to escape from that dark space and (most of the time) succeeding, I want to thank you. I feel seen...

I'm in that dark place too, and sometimes you just need to make a weird little game about doing groceries in order to get that out of my system.


Can someone reply when we can download the game? Looks really good

You can download the game RIGHT NOW!

Thank you!


So! Time for a proper review.

I can tell this came from a deep and potentially dark place. It reminded me of sadder times in my own life and of the insecurities I occasionally have in my own relationship. But while anyone can make a sad, nsfw game, not everyone can do it the way you did. The subject matter was handled with such a level of respect and kindness that it never once felt disingenuous or too much. It never took things too far. It left me with a melancholic feeling in my heart and a smile on my face. I think this is the best game I've ever played of yours. You should feel so incredibly proud, Tangled. I wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars. Truly a masterpiece.