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Follow Bolt as she has to deal with her anxiety, fear and other bad things while she goes on to meet her best friend Rev for the first time! - Sismic Shareware version is a demo for Sismic, a visual novel about trans girls that like 90's FPSes, friendship, trans people that happen to be huge weirdoes, small scale criminals, flat earthers, lesbian werewolves, the people from A.O.N.D.E.J.U.D.A.S.P.E.R.D.E.U.A.S.B.O.T.A.S. and of course shitty fast food.

July 30 update! N E W demo!
This demo contains the first episode and part of the second out of four and while the demo is more linear the rest of the game will have choices and different endings!

The final release will have four episodes, a trio of different endings and you can pay what you want for it and get the artbook, full of character and world info and some other stuff!


Sismic Shareware Version 2 - linux 26 MB
Sismic Shareware Version 2 - mac 19 MB
Sismic Shareware Version 2 - pc 37 MB


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Can't wait for the full version!

Me too!