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Hello, how long is the game play?

Around an hour.

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good visual novel and the end is really cute :) great job

The reveal of the miscommunication between the two in this is very funny, great job!  XD  I really like the overall vibe of this story, and I dug seeing the Gosick poster~  Great work!

Thanks! I'm really proud of the gosick poster!


That was pretty silly and cute! The more, uh cartoony powers and the sandwich stuff really reminded me of like oldschool nick cartoons or those old disney channel ones with the goofball horror but for kids settings, but here it's repurposed into a modern adult space, though only in the sense where "adult" means things with like, ethical and societal gravitas rather than anything solid. 

big words aside yeah, nice little read about the thoughtspirals that people have in relationships, how good it is to talk things out, and also how rozen maiden is p cool.

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Thank you! We kind of set out from the start to make kind of a goofy monster game. It was kind of tricky balancing that with grounded stuff like communicating in relationships and feeling like life has hit a dead end.

PS: Tangled is behind the Rozen Maiden ref. Can't claim that one.

Rozen Maiden is really good.