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A short but lovely story. I love both Yara and Aparecida, how they look after and comfort each other. When they hugged I felt joy seeing these two together, moreso during the ending scene of them in front of their new home in one of the endings. Regardless of which choice the player takes, it's nice to see they'll have a happy ending, regardless of what the characters go through.

(I also love Yara's design~)


I’m glad you liked the game! Yara is my special little robot and I love her a lot and I want to put her and Aparecida in more games of mine.

They’ll always have a happy ending.


I loved it! I always find something special in your games. The way you portray the relationships of your characters is always incredible, the way the characters want to protect and support each other  despite the difficulties is really realistic and touching, the fact that you then managed to show this through small moments together is sensational. Please keep doing more stories, I love your writing style. 

big hugs from Italy