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It's a cute game with a lot of dark stuff. However could use a few trigger warnings like mentions of transphobia, mentions of abuse and (IDK how accurate it is but it still needs a warning) mentions of sexual abuse (based on the guy Fran was forced to be with).  While I wasn't too bothered by these things I was taken off guard and left a little uncomfortable. Others may be genuinely hurt by stumbling into these topics due to being unprepared. Apart from a quite needed trigger warning, the game and art is great. (Trigger warnings can just be in game description or if you want to be clear: mentioned in a textbox pre-game).


I added the Content Warnings. I should've done that a long time ago but forgot, which isn't a valid excuse. Still, thanks for the reminds and I'm sorry that the game made you unconfortable.


It's alright. Late is better than never, and apart from the slight discomfort the games also cheered up my day a lot with the cute art, and cute story.


I'm glad that the games cheered up your day then! Thanks for fiding both the story and art cute.


Sinceridade's design is really nice. I'm not done yet, but I hope they remain pretty cool and don't meet an unfortunate end!

Also blushing Fran yes.

Thanks! I'm really proud of Sinceridade's desing. And who knows?! They might meet the saddest of endings!

And yes, blushing Fran. 

> They might meet the saddest of endings!



If you think about it, they are already on the saddest of endings for living in a captalist society!

this is so sweet! nomade is a good firend. i also really like sinceridade's design.

Thank you! I did my best for it to be sweet! Nomade is a good friend indeed. And another thanks, I really am proud of Sinceridade's desing!